“(‘Troubadours’) contains some truly poetic storytelling. Full of adventure, romance, nostalgia and regret, it answers the call of the open road with a wistful trip through Americana.”
[Crotalus Records press release]

“Woody Guthrie meets the Flaming Lips… good stuff.”

“I wanted ‘Troubadours’ to take me to places I’ve never been and introduce me to characters I’ve never met, but make it all feel familiar and universal.  I think it’s safe to say they succeeded.”
[Us on Fire]

Jared A. Conti: vocals / whistling / beard
Anthony J. LaLota: vocals / guitar / sideburns

With a folk heart and a punk soul, The Echo & Sway has been crooning in two-part harmony about life, love & the open road since 2008, busking a cappella under the wide open South Dakota sky, playing Londoners in post-gig chess matches, missing flights to enjoy a second bowl of the world’s best seafood chowder in Dublin, hiking the mountains of New York’s Hudson Valley, losing themselves on the back roads of rural Ontario, frequenting a central Pennsylvania coffee shop… and a ton of stuff in between.

In 2010 they released their first EP It Can Get Better, featuring eight tracks that mixed Conti’s wry poetry & relaxed delivery with LaLota’s soulful voice & no-frills guitar strumming.  While lauded by fans the album was hindered by rushed recording & production and wasn’t made available after the first pressing.

Eight years and many miles later they’re celebrating the release of their debut full-length, The Trials & Tribulations of Two Traveling Troubadours as they Traverse Tired Terrain & Tattered Turnpikes, Telling Tall Tales (we’ll call it Troubadours for short).  A long time coming, these nine songs tell the story of a weary but hopeful America, trapped by circumstance and longing for redemption.

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